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AppGratis is an application that will surprise you every day with a free application, that was previously paid, so you fill out your iPhone and iPad games and original applications saving a few coins in the process.

A gift every day

Every day AppGratis show you a notification on your iOS device alerting you of a new offer. To enter the application, you will see a brief description of the app or game, images to make you the idea and a button that will take you to Google Play down the application if you are interested.

In addition, AppGratis shows the previous offerings indicating if it continues or if you come late and it has expired.

In the list of offers of AppGratis you will find a variety of utilities of all types and games. It will serve both to discover new applications to Save on the most popular of payment that, for a day, will be free.

Open, download

Access to AppGratis is no secret. You open it, you look at the name of the application and read briefly what is, you take a look at the screenshots and download.


AppGratis could bombard us with complicated menus and animations, but luckily have opted for simple and practical design. Show in large offer of the day and at the bottom the previous offerings, if you want to recover them.

In addition, when you choose to download the app, this takes you to the App Store with a single click, without having to go through a dialogue.

Save daily

With AppGratis you can fill your device iOS applications and games without spending a euro. Is better for in the App Store and Softonic you'll find a lot of free apps, but many times you find a payment which would have but one reason or another to decide not to buy. With AppGratis, maybe one day you wake up, look at your mobile, and displayed a notice that you can download it free.

  • Daily offers of free applications
  • Description and screenshots of the application
  • List of previous offerings
  • Direct access to the App Store
  • Optional newsletter with offers
  • Few offers available
  • The application is not always quality

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