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avast! Free Antivirus is an antivirus in Spanish. It keeps your computer safe from a variety of threats: viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and other malicious applications.

Real-time shields and much more

avast! Free Antivirus 2014 maintains a close surveillance on files, web sites, email, network, chat and downloads. Also check suspicious behaviour and reputation of applications.

Avast scans ! Free Antivirus, quick or complete, can be customized to suit each user to include or exclude areas, folders, or file extensions. You can leave that they run in the background without disturbing.

Among the vast selection of tools included in avast! Free Antivirus, find a tool to clean the browser toolbars or unwanted extensions, operate remote control and even a utility to create rescue disks.

Updates of the database of avast! Free Antivirus, very frequent, are conducted through streaming, which ensures very fast protection against newly discovered malware.

In the options of avast!, many as always, you can configure notifications, global exclusions (exceptions), activate the silent mode or change the language, among other things.

A new interface

One of the main novelties of this version 2014 is almost renovation of its interface, which is the most important change from version 5. It is a more minimalist interface, inspired no doubt in Windows 8, and intended to facilitate access to different tools and modules of the programme.

And is that the amount of modules and tools of avast! Free Antivirus 2014 pose a challenge for any designer of interfaces, but the House Czech has much improved the already excellent program interface.

What we liked much of avast! Free Antivirus 2014 is the ability to customize the main screen of the antivirus. So options that more use can be placed in the foreground.

The notifications are the best option to always be aware of what avast! ago and detected. Shown in different colors and are accompanied by sounds and phrases deactivation.

To highlight the quality and quantity of translation, as well as the sound section, with voices already classic and very beloved by the millions of users who make up the community of avast!.

To take into account it is convenient game mode, which silences the antivirus completely when a program running in full screen; you will hardly hear a notice while watching a movie.

High-efficiency to detect malware

External tests guarantee the high quality of the engine of avast!, with higher than average rates of detection. Removal and blocking of viruses, rootkits and spyware is effective extredamente.

The performance of avast! -speed and resource consumption - has improved enough with respect to the version 8, in part due to suppression of 3 coats of protection in real time. In the absence of more thorough testing and have access to external testing, everything seems to indicate that avast! He has worked hard this aspect in this version.

Conclusion: it is the most complete free antivirus

Few antivirus give so much in Exchange for as little. With avast! Free Antivirus 2014, the protection you can get for your PC did not have anything to envy the of commercial suites more expensive.

There are alternatives that are lighter and faster, but here the choice is yours: do you prefer to sacrifice efficiency to speed? Our advice is that before taking a decision to try avast! Free Antivirus on your PC.

GrimeFighter and SafePrice

avast! It offers the possibility of connecting to GrimeFighter, a new product acquired by avast! recently, offering maintenanceand optimization of your PC. It's a product that is sold separately but which has connections with avast!.

From this Edition, avast! It includes a new module called SafePrice in the form of plug-in for your browser. SafePrice enhances security while displays product offers that interest you.

What they add in the Pro, IS and Premier versions?

All versions of payment of avast! Antiviruses have SafeZone, which is a safe area in which to run applications, and automatic updates of installed programs.

The firewall is available to premier and Internet Security versions, along with the module anti-spam. Version premiere of avast! It is the most complete of all, and adds Data Shredder and AccessAnywhere.

An antivirus with a long and glorious history

avast! It first appeared in 1996. Developed entirely in the Czech Republic, it was one of the first antivirus to get the VB100, award has been regularly getting recognition.

Version 4, released in 2003, marked the rise to fame of avast!, which reached 40 million users in 2007. The interface change occurred in 2009, with version 5.

Currently, avast! It has more than 150 million users active, a figure of enormous if we compare it with that of other similar products.

  • Full protection in real time
  • New installer and interface
  • Remote assistance module
  • Compatible with Windows 8
  • Installation of second line
  • Improved resource consumption
  • None outstanding

avast! Free Antivirus 2014 screenshots and videos

avast! Free Antivirus 2014 reviews


Simply excellent!: Very good, efficient and friendly... The automatic updates are wonderful and the presentation in general product is magnificent

blue ray

Full of advertising, continuous and very annoying popups: Is full of annoying insistent continuous e uncontrollable advertising. This INVASION that full of pejuicios regarding the receipt of as much emerging information. It is very bad that, try it and will notice that it is loading advertising. Commercial for this TV, but I always have a popup on my pc where avast promotes products is very annoying. NOT WHAT I RECOMMEND!


Excellent: Fast, easy to use, without further complications, in my opinion the best free antivirus in circulation


very bad: This anti virus is the worst I have ever tasted in my life people who say that it is the best is that insurance detected them any viruses and that is why they say it is the best me I can tell you that it is not the best I it had installed the uninstall to try avg and I find myself 2 a virus that I have avast and thanks to the virus that he let me pass the avast is I slowly put the pc thanks to the avg can remove viruses thank you avg I recommend avg


competent: I think AVAST antivirus provides sufficient performance, at least for which we use the computer's non-intensive mode.


It has changed much but it offers great protection : It is very good antivirus but has changed too and now users that we are free and ancient have very little protection in comparison with users who pay but it is very good antivirus.


Unbeatable: Without a doubt, the best free antivirus. Uses few resources and detect 99.9% of viruses.


unbeatable.: Very interesting, good protection, and impressive-looking.


Fool-proof security.: A system antivirus, which is permanently updated and perfected, with the emergence of new threats, aspect that gives us tranquility, and allows our systems to work with greater security. I think the system FREE ANTIVIRUS 2014, a mandatory and useful tool


excellent: It is a good antivirus guarantee it for all persons seeking to protect your android pc


Slows the internet in 60%: not is only with me but slower internet when is active in some way


the maximum: It is the best antivirus, its way of alert with voice sound update feel me great


highly effective antivirus: the truth is that it is a reliable and efficient very good antivirus


FOR MATA NOTHING BETTER VIRUS THAT AVAST ANTIVIRUS: Very good I have already also in my phone and tablet has very good response and protect my equipment from the attacks of viruses and worms


economic powerful i: Recommend me at the Institute where I work, the maintainer of the computer system for their esfectividad and economy, since have used it like antivirus, thank you, per certainly also have it installed on the mobile


Avast is a good antivirus: All antivirus I've tried has been the better, it protects my computer very well.


fucking: antivirus free ideal for times of crisis can not be ordered more thanks to the people of avast


Indispensable on your computer: The best antivirus is free basic version, so infinite thanks to its developers


easy to use: I like, does not consume many resources and its interface is very intuitive.


Excellent: Performs an effective analysis and the best thing is that you can choose between a short or a longer. Alerts are correct and always warn you all with time. Excellent.


Very good but excellent, while stays free: A bullet. It controls the entire system so that not any viruses and strange things, not complicated when you are loading or working with programs. Looks that with common sense and intelligent types did so


Avast! is peace of mind: I've tried several antivirus free (even some free versions of commercial antivirus) and so far Avast! It is the mouse found me more complete and more simple to handle


excellent antivirus: which is the best antivirus for the team's work excellent would say I


Front Avast there are no viruses that can resist: It is a very secure antivirus, because it makes the operation of the PC more fast and safe.Congratulations


Avast antivirus is more recommended for laptops.: Avast antivirus is a tool that helps a lot to detect viruses that sometimes it is difficult to know if they are in the computer. It is a great help.


SuperExelente: It is an excellent antivirus, q recommend it to my family and friends


It is very effective. : Avast is very active and efficient. I think that also is very sensitive to detect.

imcreiblee: well it's a good program maintains my PC safe from virus and warns you if ay a defect to repair it.


Scheduled excellent.: avast free is an antivirus very but very good. Since I know the version to use on my pc and and I had no problems of any kind, it helps keep the computer free of viruses and any other threats, also informing me about updates of programs...


reliable: a program very useful and also is easy to use, nice logo, and quite a few features


very good security, quality and is free thats the best : It is excellent could have more free services to people with few economic possibilities


Very efficient.: So far it has proved me very effective; Although I always use the free I have not had problems. Thank you. TTentamente, Martha


excellent: It seems to me a very good antivirus, I helped that my laptop is not infected, I hope in time get complete service

powerful: is very good protection, and I would like to renew it but I have no credit card


is the best: is the best but it is necessary to block the virus confiker, hidden folders and files, but when you run the autorun on drives laptops


Effective protection as the best antivirus of payment.: Complete, effective, I've been using it since its interface seemed a cassette of car, these heights I can say... is the first program that I have installed in the system. I've tried Avg, Avira, I've had a bunch of payment, none convinces me like Avast.


maximum security: I feel that I can surf with confidence now with free antivirus, my computer is protected


The best antivirus and free also: It is the best antivirus I have tried, I have not had any problem with the


excellent: highly efficient, easy to handle and updated to detect and remove threats


Security is not a fashion, uses Avast!: For my personally is the best antivirus, I would say the best. I dedicate myself to the service of computer equipment and recommend to my clients Avast. I take this opportunity to thank the staff and owners of your company (avast)


excellent: It is the best free antivirus and improvements in the interface are increasingly better detection of virus is very good.


poor: Although it is free it is too loose to say its effectiveness


NOTE: ZERO: The note I put is a zero, is already well with so much nonsense, or a good antivirus is done and nothing is done. A fudge is not an antivirus. If you don't know to make good antivirus that are dedicated to something else. They have many years as well.


SUPER-BUENISIM0: My opinion is that it is fabulous and so far us is working very well, is to be expected that the paid versions are out


Reliable but rude: It seems to me an environment friendly but powerful, in addition to observing the updates of other software that would put at risk to not be computer


fabulous, excellent: From that install the antivirus AVAST have not returned to have virus problems recommend it to my friends


bueniiiisimo!: It is very good antivirus, since that use it has entered me any viruses, I'm very happy because it is very good!


The best free antivirus.: Very good, excellent, definitely the best free antivirus, I recommend.


IS FREE IS FANTASTIC: to my personally do not know much of these issues of safety etc.etc. in the networks helped me much. free and for a senior than not conocede is systems and ways to do damage to ME is very useful networks...


The most effective antivirus and it consumes fewer resources: The best free antivirus that I know and I have installed me many, is very stable.

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