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Lullaby for babies is the best application for Android ™ with variety of beautiful baby soothing sleep sounds. Babies love when mothers sing lullabies-relaxing. It helps children to relax, be happy and cheerful, and falling asleep well. So, if you have kids, and if you like first melodies calm, simply download our song of cradle baby app and take pleasure with their children listen to the quieter tones of music baby. You can enjoy nano world thanks to this application free lullaby. Say goodnight to your child with more new music from the baby, and sing the song with the most beautiful dream. Kids like listening and music box and dream of something pleasant. Play keyboard Lullaby and you will find breathtaking melodies of wedge. There are wedge, then music box, some lullabies are played on the most popular such as the piano, the guitar and the xylophone musical instrument. These are the sounds of nature, perfect for babies.

Around the world, especially in infants and children, dream love relaxing music. Therefore, carry your baby in your arms, turn on the cell phone and give their best music from the sleep of the child therapy. Give true love to your baby. This last application pillow sleep has perfect sounding Lullaby with new ringtones, the best sounds and melodies softer. Relaxing melodies are also perfect if you want to cool off, or if you want to calm your baby and if you want to lull a child. You and baby will be happy and satisfied with our cradle song. Music Lullaby baby is especially made for the smaller and more fragile beings. Since all about children should be perfect and deliciously, and we have to be careful of children to grow well and be good people. Lullaby baby shades will help you in that. Wait no more, grab this lullabies to sleep at this time, turn the lights, turn on smartphone and your little angel sing the most popular song for good night. Try playing music baby on your mobile or tablet before bedtime and that their children watch gradually fall asleep. Lullaby for babies is a new application for dreaming. Lullaby application will relax you and your small children. At night, when it is sleep time, turn on music cradle, a kiss to your lovely angel and say sweet dreams to your baby.

The features of the application:

-Set as ringtone or contact ringtone

-Set as sms, notification

-Set as alarm

-Set as favorite

Download free ringtones from applications and enjoy cold tones, the best sounds and melodies news. This is the best case of resonance with the most popular melodies. The latest melodies, very funny, and very good songs in this amazing free application.

Everyone likes to listen to music, and everyone has a favorite. We are fully confident that they'll love this new app. These popular ringtones are for everyone. Choose your favorite free call and enjoy ringtones.

The application is designed for Android phones and Android tablets, and has been tested on many Android devices to ensure the best user experience. All the ringtones in this application are under public domain or creative commons license. If you have any questions or suggestions, send us an email.

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How to install:-follow the following 3 steps: open the application after downloading it, click the button of "Set as Active Theme" and select the topic by choosing it in the following page.

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