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Clean Master is one of the best apps of cleaning and maintenance of Android that exist. It is easy to use, practical and, above all, effective. In the wording we have dubbed "Android of CCleaner".

Clean Master performs four cleanup tasks:

- Cleaning of the cache of applications: this module (History) can store all data stored by different applications, including passwords and navigation data.

Something that usually happens to clear the cache in Android is that we delete the photos that our WhatsApp contacts have shared with us. As well, with Clean Master that does not pass, since by default they appear different.

- Files: Clean Master detects and deletes files that are downloaded together with some applications and that, by removing applications, remain forever on the phone.

- Kill tasks and services: Clean Master allows you to close one, several or all the tasks that are running at the time, in order to free RAM memory. It also offers a desktop widget to run cleaning by pressing it.

- Temporary APK: if you install any application outside of Google Play, KDY can go banking on the phone. Clean Master detects and allows you to remove them.

In addition to all these benefits, Clean Master has a clear and functional design, which greatly facilitates the task of having to point the mobile.

That said, Android CCleaner...

  • Very effective
  • Clear and functional design
  • Practical widget
  • 4 cleaning functions
  • Nothing remarkable

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Horrible!: It's the worst! I delete all my images and the worst say q cannot be recovered!

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