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Don't know what to do while waiting that the episode of Dragon Ball Z Superweek? We have an ideal pastimes for you: Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, new mobile role-playing game.

An adventure beyond time and space

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle begins when a mysterious character brings together the seven balls of Dragon. His desire when it appears the Dragon Sheron is discover the person stronger than time and space. The effects of this desire to alter the dimensions and now you must reorder the continuous space.

It sounds profound but basically you are going to fight.

The game consists of dungeons , which, in turn, are made up by squares, like a board game. Some boxes are empty, but others contain enemies, objects, Dragon balls or other surprises. At the beginning of each shift the game offers you three random numbers, which represent three possible boxes in which you can fall. That means that you can not sweep 100% dungeons and you need to select well your progress.

Matches follow the footsteps of other role-playing games for mobile devices that blend elements of the genre "conecta-tres". Must connect more "ki" (represented in the form of balls power) the same color best to do more damage to the enemy. The concept is simple but there are many variables to take into account: the weakness of the enemy, the order of the attacks, combos among allies... On paper it seems confusing but on practice it is entertaining and easy to understand.

Finally, in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle you must manage your team of wrestlers, assign objects, change them between other users, merging them to make them stronger...

Graphics at the level of the anime

The controls are very simple. With curfews will do various actions: unleash "ki", change of character, navigate menus, move the history... The only thing negative that we blamed on Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is that the texts are in English. Understand the texts is key to learning how to play.

The quality of the graphics and sound are above the normal level of a game with these characteristics. Matches very well transmit the frenzy of the original series while the soundtrack has been extracted from the anime. Even have remained voices in Japanese to satisfy the more Puritans.

Would you like to fight? You'll fight!

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a parade of battles by some dungeons structured in an original way and by a system of combat that engage. Don't expect puzzles, or nothing like deep dialogues. Also keep in mind that, like all "good" free-to-play, you should arm yourself with patience and repeated many missions if you want to spend the game without paying a single euro.

If you accept this premise, and a fan of the adventures of Goku and company, pass it you great.

  • Fun combat system
  • Original dungeons
  • Great graphics and music
  • It will like you if you're otaku
  • If you do not pay you must be patient
  • In English

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