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In Dream League Soccer you put in charge of a football team. Your skills, both manager and player of football, will be decisive to achieve your team got to the top of the classification. A very well designed Simulator that offers a great atmosphere and excellent gameplay.

Create your team and lead it to victory

The adventure to the remote control of your computer starts from the very bottom, in fact, from the third division. First you will have to concentrate on the promotion, but with the passage of time you can aspire to Elite Championships and cups.

After the welcome that you will provide the President, you will receive the goals of the season. You will have at your disposal a very large group. You will be responsible for selecting the captain of the team, and also you should analyze the quality of your players. You can sell or disassociate you from players that are not useful for your project, as well as buy the last few champions other teams - or hire them directly without intermediaries-. You will also be responsible for establishing specific physical exercises for each player, and these trainings allow you to develop the talents of your athletes.

As any good manager, you will have to manage carefully the economic aspects of your club. Initially you will only have a budget of coins. However, if you get good results, you unlock achievements and make purchases within the app; You can fatten your portfolio and invest in the transfer market or in expanding your Stadium. This last option will provide you in turn revenue. The interface is well designed and beginners will have no problem to open step among the many options.

Simple and attractive gameplay

Before each meeting, you can choose 11 players who will go on the field, as well as its tactical system. From 4-4-2 to 4-3 - 3, 5-4-1 and 3-5 - 2, have access to all the most important tactics. In addition, it is possible to determine the style of your team: offensive, defensive, or balanced.

Once in the field, Dream League Soccer gives you the best of them. Virtual command offers you the right point of sensitivity and response to commands is excellent, and it is even possible feints and dribbling.

The animations of the players are splendid, fluid and maintained, although not always impeccable; and the AI of the computer seems to be correctly set. If you want to familiarize yourself with the controls, the game also features a Trainingmode, which allows you to practice penalty kicks, free kicks, corner kicks and more as well as tutorials .

Excellent atmosphere of stadium

Dream League Soccer presents admirable graphics, with care stadiums, playgrounds well-designed and players well modeled. It also shows the rain, but this does not affect either the ball or to the players.

Replays are great, as well as animations during the celebrations and various cutscenes shown during the different stages of the match. The sound effects and the cries of the public help to create an wonderful atmosphere of stadium. We must not forget matches - in English and good quality-comments, although they have moments of silence that we consider avoidable.

A luxury alternative to the FIFA

Dream League Soccer gives you a powerful simulative experience and has nothing to envy to a giant like FIFA. Compared to this last I may have less animations, but it enjoys a fluidity and a rhythm game higher. This title has pleased us much more than we expected: sports, and, thanks to its brilliant gameplay, its well balanced difficulty level and its solid structure of the game. If it is missing more, Dream League Soccer is free. Then, what you are hoping to prove it?

  • Great gameplay
  • Excellent ambience
  • Bright challenges
  • Well-designed management functions
  • Friendly interface
  • It does not offer challenges in multiplayer online
  • The rain does not affect the ball physics

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