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Facebook Messenger for Windows is the official Facebook for Windows chat program.

Facebook Messenger for Windows is presented as a single column, with a flexible division between status updates and your contacts online. In addition, it has three buttons at the top that lets you control Ticker (news of friends and notifications), your messages and saved chats and your contacts.

With another button at the bottom can provide rapidly the column to the right, to facilitate navigation by other applications without disconnecting you social network. When you close the column, Facebook Messenger remains in the taskbar where you will also receive notifications.

The Facebook Messenger interface is clear and simple. Talks take place in a window and accumulate in different tabs, looking very organized. In addition, it has a search bar to quickly find who you want between your contacts.

Other programs to chat with Facebook from Windows

There are many other programs to chat with Facebook. Apart from the utilities for this social network, has options as good as Digsby, Trillian Astra, Nimbuzz and now also Skype.

  • Facebook Messenger official and free
  • Notifications in the taskbar
  • It can be integrated into the Windows 7 taskbar
  • Conversations in tabs
  • It does not yet support video

Facebook Messenger para Windows screenshots and videos

Facebook Messenger para Windows reviews


Practical.: Facebook Messenger I find very handy. It is organized in a way that is simple and easy to use, there are not too many options but it is the least. It has the same elements missing in the chat of the Facebook network with the exception of smileys, which, to my taste, do not.

marcielia 3901

easy to chatearcon users: It is fabulous to have the aceseso more easy and can chat with more users at the same time

marcielia 3901

easy to chatearcon users: It is fabulous to have the aceseso more easy and can chat with more users at the same time


simple and fast! (I give you a 10 =): It is very good program is more easy and fast! (I give you a 10 =)


Sirba to barias things : It is very used to not use facebook much so you can chat faster

perfect: well... very good q can I say perfect is porq can chat without having q be opening one page every day


Chilo: very good because it is not nesesaio to enter in the browser and encourages not so much pc

Filipe Rial

productivity: functionality, for which you want to only use it as a chat (the more popular incidentally)


focciona very good with windows: foncciona very good with windows for example for I do not have plroblema


Facebook messenger my love forever: I love facebook messenger always ordinador mon my likes and my facilitate seeing friends, my family


is basic but very good: to my seems to me q has everything you need to be fb messages


Simply perfect: Facebook for Windows chat offers everything it has to offer: a chat window without having to open the browser or use other boring and invasive customers. It integrates an excellent way to the system.


Error in installation: I get an error when installing... and q really needed this program


That's great: My prayers were answered... It is going great and it has all the features I have been looking for, it is only regrettable that lacks access to video calls but I guess that will be added later.


very good!: the truth is very useful, you just chat and you entertain not seeing the things that publishing your friends... haha for messenger this style very well: D recommend it: P


the implementation of home cover is missing: implementation of home cover is missing because we have to use application and na vegador would not be better to use only the browser seems to me not only that is missing but applause with some debian already start then improve it


well more or less: (because sometimes it locks up and slows down the pc but is very good and is used even for the videoollmades when can't you answer to someone xD 8)


Facebook chat outside the browser: The installation is made in a simple way, has the same style as the version mobile Facebook, enter my data I find chat, start a conversation a new window appears with a tab, when you start another conversation a new tab appears in the same window. When you close the main window, it continues running in second plane in the taskbar, from there you can logoff, and exit the program (leaving the session started).


does not receive notifications of messages: I could not receive notifications of messages even though you well logs and all contacts, see when a contact sends you a message there to enter the internet browser to reply, and is almost the same as enter to facebook from the web then it makes no sense.


Virus: When it was them automatically installing Avast stopped it by that was a Trojan can anyone tell me by what happens that is thank you


Something practical if you do not want to be in the browser!: I find good and very comfortable by the conversation tabs reminded me much the messenger since he clashed not the wall or notifications or anything just talk, it is light, practical, I recommend it if you are grabbing a task so not you distracted so much as if you had all the facebook.


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