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Frozen Bubble is a fun offspring of the famous Bubble Bobble of Nintendo, which takes up the dynamism and integrates all the ingredients of what was to become a new genre arcade of colored and bubbling, pellets fired by a powered Cannon, in this case, by our mascot Tux and friends.

This success in box office, i.e. screens of computers and video game consoles, finally has his Bros: Frozen Bubble. Two modes of play, solo or in mode just loyal, with a fierce opponent to the other side. The objective is to eliminate the balls of colors, aiming and firing the Canon; If you manage to get more than three of the same color desire, and if not, ball will descend up to reach the bottom of the screen... game over!

The gameplay is simple but highly addictive, you eliminate them by groups of three or more, making them from bursting overhand and shoot colored marbles. To trap several balls at the same time, you increase your score more quickly, going up at the same time level.

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It is very good to entertain you: It is very good to keep you entertained since the challenges are to consider and resolve the puzzlez always is unreto which activates the reflections of large and small in general


A very addictive classic: It is the reissue of a classic game in its version for Linux, for a long time not playing with him but is still very addictive, very accomplished graphics, with many levels to play, simple but catchy music and also you can create your own custom levels and play with a friend. After so many years is still one of the best games to have a good time without more complications.


good: very good and funny with enough levels not to bore you, aunke is not necessary to download porke is already in ubuntu synaptics...


Good fun: Good game on linux to hang, although lacking usability of the mouse to control the game


Also available in Castellano and CatalĂ !: In addition to all of the comments above, there are also notice that he writes these lines here is responsible for the second translation is available in Catalan, and Spanish languages! Softoniiiicccc! Not be many times have already warned of things asiiiiiiiii! Jajaajajajj


Terrific: I installed it I with the package of games that had in the mandrake linux 10 cds. It is one of my favorite games, have fun. Just give the arrow from on top of the arrow keys and the adventure begins! I've only played in solo mode, but it is very good. The music is excellent, any podris dance while play or dj Linux user will get to play it while it puts it to dance it everyone who come... haha... It is one of my favorites, apart from supertux.


The best: The best game opensource I've seen, is great music, great graphics, well in almost all distributions like knoppix or mandrake linux. I repeat, it is the best game.


Excellent to share with my son...: The met just for linux, but I deconfigured me and I can not improve, so to find it for windows and there are trying to pass the stages in my 10-year-old company, They are very interesting moments to complete the stages with minimum movement and goals with us have jobs...


It comes in the Ubuntu repositories: You don't have to install it or anything in the same repositories of ubuntu comes directly. Frozen bubble in the universe repositories you seek and there is.

Unpretentious fun: It is the reissue of a classic but in the "Penguin" version. Beautiful graphics, over 100 levels, editor of new screens, two players... very addictive!

Very well, but: First, that this game makes millennia that exists for linux, and on the other hand say that it is very addictive, beware of it.



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