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gBrainy is a collection of games focused on the mental exercise.

Challenges with evidence related to logic, calculation, memory and verbal ability, gBrainy you so best these fields with fun tests.

gBrainy allows you to perform specific tests of each area or all at the same time. Subsequently you can consult the history of the game to know what it gives you better.

Finally, gBrainy offers the possibility to save games in PDF for print and perform tests on paper or without Internet connection.

  • Suitable for all ages
  • It puts to the test our mind
  • Variety of activities
  • Ability to save games in PDF
  • Sometimes offers tracks
  • It has no editor's activities
  • It is difficult to continue our evolution/improvement

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gBrainy reviews


Very good brain.: Is very good to exercise the mind, speech and logic. But not branded as one progresses, or saves the data that one does. Lack you dynamism.


Ideal for beginners. : It is practical and understandable. Leaves much to be desired with their & quot; evidence & quot; since once you've done them all, you remember them from memory. It is aesthetically very simple and has some clever stuff. I would not qualify it as a program of much ingenuity (says it someone is fan of the Monkey Island), but to start with such things, is quite good and I would recommend it for beginners.


very good!!!: It is fairly complete... which is the point more strong... to my personally always have loved this kind of logic games, calculation and others... Although some response is very far-fetched so say it but pretty good!!!

jose armando daza bayona

jajajaja megusta: This game is superdivertido main mind for mathematics I lojuego each moment is one of my favorite games


not quite correct: in verbal analogies definitions are not entirely correct, for example: thermometer/temperature that makes it as example and question do watch? / According to the programme the correct answer is time because it is the unit that measures the clock, as well as the thermometer measures the temperature, I disagree, the correct answer would be time! The thermometer measures the temperature, and the unit of measurement can be as all know several including degrees Celsius. Clock time and unit of measurement can be hours, minutes, seconds, etc... ill friend muuyyy wrong!



Iván Huchín

A game that will make you smarter: Without a doubt, play it for the first time will have 1 hit for every 10 questions, but after 3 hours, you will have already learned the tricks:D.


: GBRAINY is an excellent game to have fun with logic puzzles (that challenge our thinking and reasoning capabilities), mental calculation (based on arithmetic operations that test our mental calculation skills), and coaches from memory (to try and improve our short-term memory), which can be adjusted to the difficulty level desired by the user. With this magnificent game we managed to optimize the mental acuity and improve intelligence.


in good time!:




: Really good and entertaining, it is best that they play all ages, although children may not resolve all exercises having fun

Jeremias El Paisa


jose armando daza bayona

Mental game: It is a wonderful game descargarenlo is a game to spend hours or minutes playing is fun and free vote for the game is still good quesea and look cilesgusto by gue is diverdido


Excellent program!: It is a program very but very good, gets the mind working to try to resolve the various problems that arise and seek ways to improve; personally is a program that definitely would recommend for which you want to ajilisar your mind.


fun: It is not wrong. It is one of the mind games that are fashionable, but it is less polished than others. But since it is free, no protest by trivialities :))


: It is a game that is quite well and although there are some things, like for example the appearance, which is not another Thursday, raises a number of very entertaining games that make you think a good time.

Sr. Luna

Good!: It is good to entertain and put the brain to think a bit, this helps asalir's routine spending be thinking all day on a pc in the same


Good to dry...:


Phenomenal, although a bit complicated:


: I think a game great and very entertaining and effective to help improve mental capacity, it is a game that anyone can learn and improve their capacity for memory and speed. It is an excellent game for human beings of any age


: It is an entertaining game, that makes you think a bit rare thing today in day. Good for the mental calculation and to exercise the welcome. Finally a hobbies of the more acceptable.


: I think it perfectly meets their objectives, it is entertaining and useful to expedite the mind


simple but fun: It is a quite simple and entertaining game to spend some free time. and a good mental exercise


Because I can not comment: Maybe not I can comment, because after sending 2 sms have not received anything. Does anyone know where it can be the problem?


Dificilillo: Good game to squeeze the mind but a bit complicated, I recommend it if you want to challenge you to yourselves.

[email protected]@

Great game: This is a great game to train the mental ability. I recommend it, is very educational, simple to use and great activities to do. You have between logic, calculation and memory. I him I found very useful to this game, deserves the penalty provar - thing.


: It is a highly interactive game, to exercise our minds and therefore its functions help you to strengthen your memory and intelligence, puebalo!


: The first time you use it was a disaster, I said to myself, I'm terrible, and I I thought a gifted, now already thanks to practice I'm reaching normal levels, it is very interesting to people of my age, it makes you move the mind, as if you were to walk every day for an hour, because it is good for the heart, this is good to have the busy mind. Congratulations to the program

El Condenado

Danger: It contains a Trojan please not downloading it dangerous when you try to download it came out warning


Avast detected me Trojan: To start the installation my Avast antivirus has detected me a Trojan. I think that someone more has happened.


avast detects me a Trojan...: Maybe that download it from softonic free download, antivirus Avast, detected me a Trojan: Win32: Kill Files-DH [Trj] the truth which I think is very rare... but not is to do...


MU difficult for my jaja: The truth is that it is a fairly large game with different ways of playing. But for my it is quite difficult because I don't have much memory and failure more than what I wanted to. But good for that I've downloaded it to my memory to work something. Well that's what I think now maybe when you work more with the see it with ortros ojos.lo which I think today sure that won't have anything to do with what opinare tomorrow...


agility and speed:


: Very good game...It hurts that not buien jajjajaj I very

Wendel Mauro Ezequiel

Interesting: A program very interesting to put in practice the brain!


: Hello, this program interested me much when I saw it. Only that when I was downloading it, Avast tells me that you have a virus. I downloaded it by other means, I installed it, but Avast tells me the same thing. Is it dangerous?, can I install it without problems?. Saluditos.


Very good!:


: Excellent program with two clear performances: brain training and recreation in hours of computer work. Very suitable for the development of logic, memory...Overall a great program


: It's great brain, and we evade the daily problems, until then


Very good: Free game with lots of mental exercises to keep the brain in shape. It has many types of exercises: calculation, memory, logic, etc.


The brain: I like that mental exercise with the pc. In addition the program is full.




Good tool: In all cases in which you want to begin to exercise your brain, this program seems to be the most suitable and the most easy to obtain. It serves just enough, it is very good


THE MIND WORKS: I like since it makes me work bastante.pues already I am very seraca retirement and emprear I like the mind.


: This application is presiosa for those who like numbers, lafiguras geometric and reasoning


: Really an excellent program q trains us head and restores lost neurons... have fun with this program and at the same time improves your mental capacity...


Super great mental ability improvement: Hello to all I do not like writing in forums, but this product is as well, I love your graphic interface and learn variety of elements to simulate a game with emphasis. I recommend it. PD. record the process of your ability, don't worry by two black windows coming out back to d.O.S. that that is normal to the operation of the program.


: A mi has also detected me a Trojan in the download


Excellent for its objective: Initially it seemed too difficult, and why I took it of gifted, however with practice has improved a lot and I hope to achieve very good level. It is also necessary to change the level to beginner it is not the default. I think that to do so every day it greatly improves performance in math, logic, memory, etc. Finally, this is a game for those who like the mental challenges, if only to find games of fight or great graphics is not suitable for you.





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