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Despite their 10-year old Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has stood the test of time, guaranteeing a gaming experience complete and very pleasant stay in one of the most outstanding adaptations of a game console so far.

Become a mob boss

This was the last episode of the trilogy Grand Theft Auto for PlayStation 2. If young people do not remember the original, or even came to play it, GTA San Andreas represented a true milestone between open world games and its massive dimensions were totally revolutionary. The argument revolves around a millionaire turned beggar in San Andreas (based in the city of Los Angeles) in the early 1990s. The protagonist, Carl Johnson (CJ), has become the East cost to help his gang, the Grove Street Family, to get to the top. The main story, that incredible number of between 20 and 30 hours, required to be completed will be Carl in a journey where will face different gangs of San Andreas, will launch across roads by rolling hills and mountains, and asaltará an area inspired by Las Vegas casinos.

But that is only the main story.

Similar to GTA v, there are countless ways of dealing with time in San Andreas. The appearance of Carl is almost completely customizable: you have to buy a huge selection of clothes, tattoos and haircuts, as well as to work your muscles and learn new techniques of fight in the gym. San Andreas has 240 vehicles from which to choose. In this diverse group you will find bicycles, speedboats and fighters in combat. You will improve your level of driving as you complete races and missions the training, or simply driving them.

Other secondary missions and mini-games include stealing homes, dating girls, play old arcade and even put together a team to fight for the territory against other gangs. The game has so many ways to pass the time as if every acknowledge this article would be endless. To facilitate the saved games, San Andreas has a system of waypoints, which you won't be stuck neither at the beginning nor the end of a too-long mission.

What with chaos?

One of the great attractions of the Grand Theft Auto saga has been the absolute freedom to fulfill your most delusional fantasies. Many people take advantage of these games to relax, download tension and... to wreak havoc on the city. With a map of incredible dimensions, large number of characters and an abundant variety of weapons, San Andreas ensures you the guilty pleasure begin the game wreaking havoc in the GTA style.

How to play it

San Andreas makes its best effort to provide you with comfortable controls. It provides some default configurations and also has a tilt-control.The controls are fully customizable: it is possible to drag the buttons to place the screen you prefer, so that you can locate the button to shoot where you think is suitable. In general, San Andreas is similar to other games that mimic the movements of two levers of command and is designed to be controlled with your thumbs from the sides right and left of the screen. They have definitely worked hard and go one step ahead to other open world games. Although, despite everything, the controls have certain problems.

Some missions or complex situations, where you have to drive at the same time aim with a weapon, are more difficult than they should be. In addition, it is inevitable that the controls are more limited than in PC or console; for example, press and hold both buttons at the same time, especially while driving, does not feel intuitive and is moreover of cumbersome.

However, San Andreas is compatible with different controls, so that these problems will surely disappear if you use one. Controls are the only holdout to make this game perfect. They are not so defective as to interrupt the fun, but they are capable of causing certain small frustrations.

Graphics and soundtrack

The graphics have been renovated, refined colors, shadows, the horizon of vision and character models. However, if you expect to be at the height of its modern successor GTA V, you will be disappointed. However, taking into account the size of the game, the graphics serve their functions properly and are even superior to many games in the app stores, which, if we consider that the game has 10 years, is even more impressive.

GTA San Andreas is probably the best score among all apps from the store. Its developers claim to have recorded the voices of 861 actors. The celebrities who participated include Samuel L Jackson, Axl Rose and James Woods. Thanks to the voices are excellent, seems more to a movie than an app.

Music is an essential element in the series. The soundtrack competes with any other GTA. There are 11 radio stations that emit different programs and innumerable genres of music. As for the latter, there for all tastes, with radio stations where you will hear from Dr Dre or Rage Against the Machine up to Willie Nelson. Finally, tune in the stations during the missions makes driving your vehicle more enjoyable and less monotonous.

The verdict: everything perfect

Despite having a little demanding controls, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a fun and exciting game that will leave happy to both newcomers and fans of the original.

  • Hours without end with an addictive style game
  • Renewed graphics
  • Brilliant soundtrack
  • Great voices of actors
  • Controls may be uncomfortable in certain missions

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