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Grand Theft Auto returns to Android. On this occasion the mythical game is located in Vice City, a kind of eighties Miami that will delight fans of Scarface.

In GTA Vice City play as a gangster wannabe that tries to put a dent in the underworld of the city. The city is large and the development of history is not linear, so you have enough freedom to choose missions and to move forward in the game.

Even so, and despite the variety of objectives, the majority of GTA Vice City missions take you to shoot other capos of the ghetto and exit beeps faster vehicle you encounter while eighties background music plays.

And is that, although the great attraction of GTA Vice City is perhaps the fast-paced driving and an addictive story, which has transformed it into a classic are unforgettable detail: the multitude of radio stations with music for every occasion, the parade of tacky Hawaiian shirts typical of the time, the possibility of mobilizing all the police of the city if you portas bad enough and a longlength etc.

It should be noted that, due to its adult content, GTA Vice City download is not permitted to under 17 years.

If you believe that you can become the King of organized crime based on shooting, volantazos and other jogs to the penal code, GTA Vice City is one of the best games that you can find today for Android.

  • Very good adaptation
  • Improved graphics
  • Memorable soundtrack
  • The installer is 1GB
  • Frustrating controls

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excellent: Excellent very good game entido aspects to play all day

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