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High School Simulator 2017 is, without a doubt, one of the most original and daring recent mobile games. And in him you will have to get in the skin of a girl of Institute which should put an end to all poor students that there is in the Center, which will be all kinds of weapons. You must be careful because, in the same way, others try to kill the player.

It ends with the bad students of the Institute

High School Simulator 2017 has a clearly Japanese aesthetics that seems removed or, at least, inspired by the 'manga' and the 'anime'. In this sense, both the scenes and the characters are very well built and can develop an infinite number of different actions. In fact, in the right part of the screen appear the commands that must be pressed for which controlled character jump attack turns squatting, is free from other holding him, etc. Also, the counter section of the screen is designed to lead the movement.

Have fun as you had never before done in the Institute

High School Simulator 2017 gives you the possibility to explore at your leisure the Institute and develop missions as you want. In addition, you can pause the action at any time in order to capture a photograph that, later, you will have the opportunity to share in social networks or instant messaging platforms, for example.

  • Very good graphics
  • Excellent gameplay
  • It contains ads
  • Violent content

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