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(Mis Monstruos Cantores) 1.1.6


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In My Singing Monsters you can create your own village of monsters. This time, instead of fighting or conquer, all wanting your monsters is singing.

Create your village, share it with your friends and enjoy your own monstrous music group.

Welcome to the breeding of monsters

My Singing Monsters is a mixture between Farmville type games and the concept of the famous Tamagotchi.

Your objective in the game is to make grow, eat and make merry to your socks. To achieve this, you will have to get coins and diamonds. If you do it well, your village will be filled with music.

When you think your own bugs, your village will grow and will be filled with sounds... and is there up to 30 different creatures, each with different musical skills.

Mini-games, friends and lots of music

The game is based on overcoming small missions. At the beginning, you will have the help of a short tutorial to understand the mechanism: basically, each of the monsters has his talent (either she is banging on the head or screaming to live lung).

To enrich the experience, you can share your friend code with other players, see the islands of your friends, or visit more fun created by other people.

To inspire you, we recommend that you enter the Tops: the results are truly spectacular.

Very fun and for everyone

The characters and the scenes of My Singing Monsters are very funny. Still more as you progress through the game and add more and more creatures to your world.

Social options, the variety of elements and style make it a nice game both for adults and for children.

More funny monsters

You just create a couple of monsters to understand the possibilities of My Singing Monsters.

Imagine a world full of surreal creatures who love to make music. The result, My Singing Monsters.

  • For all audiences
  • Very sympathetic characters
  • You can share and watch other players villages
  • We must invest time to advance

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