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Fish is based on Tangram, a traditional Chinese game whose objective is to form a picture using shapes such as triangles or squares.

Although the premise seems simple, the game not so much. Fish has four different levels, for adults and children, and several different modalities to put you to the test with an infinite number of drawings.

And if desired, fish offers you the possibility of creating your own figures and even organize a contest with thousands of drawings to see given to who best the Tangram.

  • Several different modalities
  • An infinite number of drawings to get
  • It allows to create our own drawings
  • Competition mode
  • Some drawings are impossible to get
  • Sometimes it does not recognize the picture that we have formed

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The Tangram in my PC: I had always wanted to have a tangram but not it had found.Now I have the tangram in my PC free!


Very good to improve creativity: It is a program easy to install and easy to play, challenges are thought to improve with computer skill to accommodate the dsplay, interesting version for kids.

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