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Asked Lite, Lite Crack Trivia in English, is the new game from Etermax, makers of Mezcladitos and Apalabrados, very addictive and they have done the delights of many users of Android and iOS.

On this occasion, Preguntados Lite it will test your knowledge of geography, history, art, science and sports-based questions in the style of the Trivial classic.

Your opponents will be players in the flesh that you will face in Preguntados Lite to achieve maximum possible points.

A Trivial animated

Asked Lite, in you see them players real, that can be your Facebook friendsor total strangers. You can play against two or more persons at the same time, since the items do not have to play them followed, have a margin of time to go on playing while you go to work, eat or das a vuetla out there.

In terms of Preguntados Lite itself, you will have a Trivial style roulette with six categories: geography, history, art and literature, science and technology, entertainment and sports. You can play in English or Spanish, and to play, you just have to turn the wheel and answer the question with one of the four available answers.

As you answer the questions, you will have the possibility to get points and get the characters from each of the categories available. To this it must be added subsidies or power-ups, which will allow you to respond more easily or have more time to find the answer.

Get the little characters

One of the things that is striking of Preguntados Lite is its fun and informal tone, with characters representing each category and that can get answering well several succession questions.

In addition, Preguntados Lite menus available to allow play and access to new games without problems, displaying at all times against who play, how long have and how much you need to obtain a general victory.

To answer non-stop

As with Apalabrados and Mezcladitos, Preguntados Lite is a game that love from the first match. Although questions may be difficult at the beginning, in general the level is affordable for most.

In addition, in Preguntados Lite just you have to wait to find an opponent, so it can play against several people at the same time and enjoy this game of questions and answers very fun and lively.

  • Variety of questions
  • Questions in six categories
  • Playing several games at once
  • Opponent random or friend Facebook
  • By question time limit
  • You can't talk with your opponents
  • There are no levels of difficulty

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