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Roblox await an infinity of adventures for the kids. In this gaming platform you'll find lots of titles and you can also create your own.

Roblox is handled in a small frame similar to a browser window. On this page you will see the creations of the community users: all games and virtual worlds built with colorful blocks LEGO style.

Enter with your Roblox account, you can access every world and playing by the rules: there are competitions, role playing adventure, with dragons flight simulators... The possibilities are endless, always within the graphical limitations presented by the title.

Perhaps the problem of Roblox lies in its generality: so many different games do that the game suffers from a dispersed control and that it does not delve into the mechanics of different genres. Even so is interesting entertainment for children and not so young.

  • Many games and varied
  • Includes editor to create virtual worlds
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Somewhat bland graphically
  • Dispersed and vague control

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excellent: the game is very good you can play other servirs this buenisimo recommend it


Roblox is a fun game: Roblox has many good things, and a bad pair, good things are:-make friends - build - you play - explore - combat - and having fun! :) The bad:-Noobs (like guests and other users) that often let you enjoy. -You have to pay for some things

ivan daniel

very good game: the download on their page in 2005, very well, can create games or enter one of your friends or others, even you can create your own clothes

It has what is missing to the minecraft: It is not a minecraft for kids, if not quite the opposite.There are rooms that are like the call of duty and others such as halo or FEAR. This great



0/10 0 reviews

An educational game similar to Tetris, but with addition and subtraction

Free English Download

Catch The Sperm

III Swiss Soccer
Catch The Sperm

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Fun educational game with football as a special theme

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Seven fun games to learn four languages

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Free game with augmented reality that will allow you to appreciate the value of ecosystems and their balance

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