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Turbo Booster is a cleaner for Android that, as its name indicates, clean your memory device unnecessary to accelerate their performance.

Cleaning app has three main functions: delete files, clean the RAM memory and help you eliminate those applications that you don't use.

Practical cleaning and total

The main function of Turbo Booster scans your device in search of residual files or cache memory of your Android. A time has found those files "useless", them remove. In this way, desire to space of memory for add more apps, music, books...

Turbo Booster also performs a cleaning of your memory RAM, stopping or eliminating those actions that are taking place in second flat but that do not provide nothing for the user. Thus with this app, you save energy, battery, increase the speed with which work the rest of your apps...

Finally, Turbo Booster analyzes your device to make a list of those apps that you use less. This list serves as a reminder of those games or programs that you were going to remove "one of these days" but you did not do it because you forgot them. You can select those applications that already do not like and Turbo Booster you them will eliminate a to a.

All the actions of Turbo Booster is made in little time and always end with a report of the memory that you have saved with such cleaning.

The program has options to automatically clean your Android memory time. Another example: you can add quick access to the app in your list of notifications.

Cleaning Turbo Booster is noticeable, especially in certain applications or powerful games load times; After a review of the performance of your device will be more agile.

Turbo Booster is a free cleaner, but includes ads. The level of intrusion of these promotions is minimal. They do not disturb and are never confused with the rest of the contents of the app.

Everything works with single press of a button

Turbo Booster is very easy to use. All the functions are activated with a simple touch of finger. It same to navigate between functions. When you use the app for the first time, will appear messages that explain the purpose of each function and its advantages.

The design of the interface of Turbo Booster is minimalist for your attention focuses on the core buttons that activate each function. At a glance the main menu will help you discover if you need to focus on a specific cleaning. In addition, the menu's quick access to all functions of the app.

Us have liked much the reports Visual to accompany to each function. In this way you will notice right away how much memory you have won with the new cleaning, how many apps you had installed but not you used... In short, to realize how much memory you win with each cleaning. In this sense to Turbo Booster more typical features of a "doctor app" missing (application that takes care of find out how improve the "health" of your device instead of just acting).

You will notice improved performance

The flexibility of an Android device is its advantage and at the same time great weakness against the competition. How many times you have installed external inspirational more? Or how many times has downloaded an application from Google Play Store that was incompatible with your device, slowing all its performance in general? To us we passed each two for three.

Softonic Turbo Booster solves these problems of form fast and simple. You will notice greater or less difference depending on your device, but will improve its performance Yes or Yes. Also, is is of an app more quick of it common; We are therefore faced a good alternative to programs as Cleanmaster, Ccleaner or DU Speed Booster.

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